Stay tuned for Elisa B. V2.0…

eb-buttonOur One Colorado store is now closed.

Thanks to everyone who helped us “clean house” by supporting our Relocation Liquidation and the crazy Elisa B. Flea.

It’s great to know that many customers got wonderful deals on great merchandise and that Elisa B. fixtures and other artifacts now have new homes all over Los Angeles.

We are on the hunt for a new location, so make sure you are the first to know about  the new store launch by staying in touch:

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As you can imagine, we’re planning a truly epic launch party.  In addition, we’re looking forward to hosting trunk shows, fashion shows, and other special events. Thanks to all of you who have been such loyal customers and good friends. We’ll see you soon!

Great times at Elisa B. (and more to come)

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