Elisa B. staffers know that every day is a new opportunity to give each customer a great shopping experience. Each woman knows and loves fashion, and enjoys getting to know customers and learning about what they want to wear for work, play, and special occasions.  Shopping online is convenient, but make time to visit the store. The B. Team will treat you like an A-lister.

Fashion mantra: “Casual chic. I like comfort, but I like to look put-together. A Wang tees are perfect with skinny jeans, and great pair of shoes and fun jewelry.”

Favorite designer: “Phillip Lim. I love the way he combines the edginess of leather with the softness of silk. Very contemporary yet feminine. I also love that he designs to enhance a woman’s body, so as not to make her look foolish for the sake of fashion.”

Style icon: “Audrey Hepburn."

Essential fashion resource: “Bazaar.” 

Fashion mantra: “Fashion can be bought, but style is priceless!”

Favorite designer: “I love avant garde and unconventional fashion, so definitely Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.”

Style icon: “I don’t really look to any specific icons. I’d rather look at street-style photos of club kids or art freaks.”

Essential fashion resource: “I love Dazed and I-D.  I love looking at the Explore page on Instagram. Seeing a lot of unqiue underground styles and faces really inspire me. I think it’s important to recognize the origins of commercial fashion and a lot of it is borrowed from the art community."

Fashion mantra: “Edgy with a touch of femininity. Rock ‘n roll, with a touch of fun and flirty. Heels, spikes and skulls, with bright colors and sequins!”

Favorite designer: “Alexander Wang”

Style icon: “Rihanna! For obvious reasons. She is so rock ‘n’ roll and edgy, but still very pretty.”

Essential fashion resource: “InStyle.”

Fashion mantra: “Make It Work!”

Favorite designer: “Alexander Wang! I love his minimalist cuts and I’m a sucker for women in menswear. He mixes them so well. ”

Style icon: Cher

Essential fashion resource: "Instagram and Tumblr. I also find inspiration in my friends, street stlye and even my grandma. She’s been a seamstress her whole life and would make everything she wore rather than buy it."