Elisa Bruley met Alexander Wang at Coachella. She’s a fan!

Shopping should be fun. Shopping for several thousand Elisa B. customers is fun…and exhausting! 

When buying merchandise for her store, Elisa Bruley goes with her gut. Does she like it? Would she wear it? Does she really, really want it? Then she thinks about certain customers and how they would look in the pieces she’s buying.

“I really respond to color and what looks best on a multitude of skin tones. I look for excellence in fit, construction and fabrication. For the most part, though, I try to stay true to my sensibilities and just trust my instinct!,” she says.

Elisa hits trade shows on both coasts to find the best of each season. On the first day, she tries to see as many exhibitors as possible to get a feel for the trends and colors. Then she can zero in on the looks that will work for Elisa B. customers.

She’s been know to do a bit of, well, snooping. “If editors from the fashion rags happen to be at the shows when I am, I trail them so I can get an idea of what they may be featuring in upcoming issues. I also get the inside scoop from friends in the fashion and enterntainment industries.”

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