Halloween starts on October 29

striped-sweaterVisit Elisa B. October 29 through 31 for a glorious glimpse into your future, thanks to an old-school arcade fortune teller with an otherworldly fashion sense. It’s a little spooky and a little kooky, but all in good fun.

Any purchase grants you an audience with Zoltar, the all-knowing soothsayer. The printed fortune he bestows upon you could be a discount on merchandise (like this sinfully delicious sweater by ATM), a sales tax free day, a gift from the Halloween mystery stash, or an Elisa B. gift card. One lucky shopper will win a $500 gift card!

Customers who spend more than $250 get a second fortune, as do customers who post a selfie with Zoltar on Instagram with the tag @myelisab.  (Don’t forget to follow us Instagram.)

Winter goods and the first wave of holiday merchandise are now in store. Start shopping for party frocks and gifts!