Old Pasadena is a great place to walk, but if would prefer parking close to the store, here are a few options. As always, parking fees may change.

Metered street parking
Both sides of Holly
Coin operated meters are located on both sides of Holly; a few on the north side (in front of Sangers & Joe and Juice Served Here) take credit cards as well as  coins.  Free metered parking is available daily before 11 am.  This excludes Sundays because of the farmer’s market.

Marriott Hotel
171 North Raymond Avenue
This lot is close and offers 90 minutes free.

Outdoor lots
Try your luck at one of three small outdoor lots. One is at Holly and Fair Oaks and the other two can be reached via the alleyway between BAD Sushi and Maude Woods (right behind the Armory). Fees range from $4 for two hours to $6 per day.

One Colorado
The One Colorado structure is on the southeast corner of Fair Oaks and Union Street.  Enter from Union Street westbound between Raymond and Fair Oaks and northbound between Colorado and Union. Parking is $6 per day.

Holly Street parking structure
150 East Holly Street
$2 per hour with a $6 daily maximum.

Valet parking
91 N. Raymond Avenue
There are a number of valet options, but the closest is at the stand in front of  Cafe Bizou  at Raymond and Holly.

This specialized Google map shows locations, hours and fees for all 21 Old Pasadena lots and nine valet options. Bookmark it!