Buy Elisa B. Gift Cards at up to 50% off Face Value

We've all been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Most of us are lucky enough to have food in the fridge and the resources (and toilet paper) to wait out these difficult times in relative comfort. 
Most small businesses are not so fortunate. As an indie retailer, Elisa B. does not have a big corporation behind it. It’s just me and small staff who are dedicated to our customers. Our rent and operating expenses did not stop when we were forced to close on March 18. 
We are grateful that many of you have been e-shopping at, but the store needs to generate more revenue to ride out the quarantine. So here’s the deal—and it’s a doozy:
Buy a $100 gift card for $90 (Save 10%)
Buy a $300 gift card for $255 (Save 15%)
Buy a $500 gift card for $400 (Save 20%)
Buy an $800 gift card for $600 (Save 25%)
Buy a $1,000 gift card for $700 (Save 30%)
Buy a $3,000 gift card for $1,500 (Save 50%) 
This offer expires on April 30th so order your gift cards now!
Questions? We have answers!  

How many gift cards am I allowed to buy? 

No limit! Just purchase your discounted gift cards by Thursday, April 30. The more you buy now, the more you’ll save later on clothing, accessories and more. No one will judge if you race around the store yelling “Dibs!”

When will I get my gift cards? 

Elisa Bruley will personally mail them around May 1. Stash ‘em in a safe place until the store reopens. 

How can I use the gift card? 

Hold onto your gift cards until the store reopens. Sorry, they currently do not work on our website. 

When do the gift cards expire?


What if the store does not reopen for many months or (sniff!) AT ALL? 

You will then be able to use your gift cards to shop remotely with Elisa and select staffers, by phone, email, FaceTime or text. And, we can’t promise this – yet, but we will work at programming gift card redemption on our website.  Finally, if the impossible happens and our physical store does not reopen, we will reimburse anyone who requests a refund.

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